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As a local opera company in the Bay Area, Phénix Opera Company understands the need

to acknowledge the social and racial inequities experienced in our society and profession

driven by conscious or unconscious biases. We express with conviction our commitment to

eradicating institutional racism and engaging with our community and artists in a manner

that is equitable and fair regardless of their race, color of their skin, ethnicity and nationality.

Phénix Opera Company believes that:

  • Opera should be accessible to everyone regardless of their socio-economic status

and racial background; and it should demonstrate current values of inclusivity and


  • Opera is an art form that historically has been dominated by White artists and their

narrative including their vision and representation of people of color. Phénix Opera is

committed to offering a nuanced vision of minorities in the operatic repertoire as an

effort to refrain   from propagating harmful stereotypes. 

  • Due to its European origins and, in conjunction with systemic racism and prejudices,

opera has contributed to the disenfranchisement and “othering” of people of color.

Phénix Opera tackles this issue by creating a new path forward giving everyone,

including people of color, the opportunity to have a voice, an impact in the future of


  • In order to reach communities of color, Phénix Opera is committed to performing in

venues located within the neighborhoods of communities of color offering

programming that is socially relevant for current audiences making it financially

accessible to everyone. 

  • We are responsible for creating a channel of communication with said communities

and being willing to listen and learn from them. 


  • Art benefits enormously for having diverse voices in all levels of the company, from

administrative leadership positions to performing artists. Phénix Opera is committed

to being a transformative force in ensuring minority groups have a seat at the table in

all levels of the company.

Racial Equity Statement 

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