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Mission Statement 

Founded in 2015, Phénix Opera Company seeks to create a nurturing environment for local

artists especially artists of color. We firmly believe that artists should be locally fostered so

they can provide high quality art and performances to their own community, stimulating it

and shaping it.


We believe that classical music and opera should be accessible to everyone, regardless of

their race and socio-economic circumstances. Therefore, we provide the community with

high-quality performances at small to medium venues at an accessible price. We

particularly aim to attract POC to our audiences, including but not limited to the Latinx and

African-American communities.


It is important to the company, to be a facilitator between our artists and their communities

through our productions. Opera companies that hire exclusively local talent are rare. The

philosophy behind the company’s decision relies on a deep rooted belief that the

perpetuation of this beautiful art form will be successful if we offer our local communities

productions performed by members of their community. The connection between audiences

and performers will become more significant since they will be supporting each other,

seeing each other grow, evolve, and their sense of gratitude will strengthen this relationship.

As in politics, the way to achieve meaningful and lasting change, begins with actions taken

within your local community.

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